Advanced Business English for Effective Communication within Organization

Program: Advanced Business English for Effective Communication within Organization

Brief Summary:
This program is designed to increase the proficiency and competency of the individual by learning many essential factors that will demonstrate effective communication, organization, people’s competency, business goals and ROI using Business English language in an advanced level. It provides meaningful action oriented, results driven, learning experiences that are applicable in any setting of business, relationships and daily transactions.
Our experienced American Coaches / Trainers use techniques that overcome the identified difficulties of the Learner and must match it with the current level of proficiency. These various learning approaches will sustain results through interactive, effective, easy-to-experience with realistic impact to identified difficulties. Activities will change progressively in order to support the growing level of proficiency which results to demonstrable skills and effectiveness.

Twelve Modular Sessions of two hours each
Intensive Program Participation
Continuing Progress Proficiency Evaluation
Competency Demonstration + COC 

Overview of Scope:  
Mechanisms that influence critical thinking
Modifying influencers to benefit listeners and audience
Language structures with competencies and effectiveness
Techniques in articulating persuasive messages with results
Ideas that trigger actions and results
Integrating business practices within one’s environment

(Note:Specific sessions are customized to the identified level of difficulties)

After completing this class you must have:

  • gained an intermediate to advanced proficiency in Business English
  • acquired handy techniques in speaking without fear
  • assimilated better communication competencies with correct use of language functions and features in both conversational, writing, including culture and social implications of English within business or personal settings.

Tuition Fees* are pre-paid

Receipt will be issued
Fees as Non-Refundable
Acceptable form of payments: PayPal, Major Credit Cards
48 Hours Cancellation is required to be entitled for re-scheduling of missed class
*Applicable promotion (where applicable) will apply during registration

American Coach Background:

Your Coach / Trainer is internationally experienced as Business Executive, Coach/Trainer and English Linguistics Educator, with 14 plus years of coaching and teaching at various levels and areas of English lessons for adults and young-adults. Your coach work with professionals and college students, who need additional skills in Advanced Business English, speaking conversationally, writing technically, developing documentation, reporting, research, essays, short stories, narrative segmentation, grammatical competencies in both speaking and writing, and learning the arts of communication in order to advance in career and be successful.

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For more details and information please call: +1 650-241-3207 or send an email to: 

Avoid being auto-deleted:
When you email us with your inquiries, please avoid going to a ‘Spam box and be auto-deleted’. We suggest that please provide the following information, then our Coach will give you a call or reply to your inquiry.
1. Name:
2. Telephone:
3. Email Address:
4. Zip Code:

We like to hear from you or from your friends who may be interested to participate in any of the programs that we conduct.


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