Role of English Language in the Conversation – Acquire Proficiency

Language play an important role in the midst of conversation among members of the society. It will help in the formation of concepts, ideas, feelings and thoughts.  When you think of  a concept, you are using an imaginative skills but when you share that concept or idea to another individual, you will need a verbal form of the language to communicate your concept or idea.

English is a major language that is used in the United States and other English speaking countries around the world. It is also a major language that is used for business communication globally across cultures. English is a native language in the United States while it is learned as a second or third language of other language speakers at non-English speaking countries. 

Speaking in English is quite a challenge, specially when it is not your mother tongue. People from other parts of the globe who live in an English speaking country learn how to communicate in English. They acquire certain degree of proficiency in order to communicate effectively their thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

There are however big differences between the spoken and written forms of English. Many who learned English as their Second or Third language from a foreign country, they acquired grammatically-based knowledge and proficiency.  When they start speaking in a grammatically-based conversation, the native speakers are challenged when comprehending their utterances because the latter did not learn the grammatical syntax when speaking.  

Conversational English was never the focus of learning English in most foreign countries. One reason why many people who learned English in their countries can write and read effectively but not in speaking. 

Conversational English Language is an essential skill and competency when you live in an English speaking country.  It will help you to converse properly and articulate your ideas and feelings. 

If your second language is English, can you identify your proficiency level based on the scale provided below? 

Level 1 – searching for words or think a long time about the right word(s) to say when sharing an information 

Level 2 – can express basic utterances and information but limited in free flowing conversation

Level 3 – can handle an average conversation but limited in expanding thoughts and ideas

If you feel that your proficiency in Conversational English is in either of the above identified proficiency level, it is strongly recommended that you will take some learning lessons in Conversational English.  Developing your ability as a good conversationalist is our business. 

We have several classes that are customizable based on your level of difficulties in order to gain the correct proficiency. 

After completing the required period you will gain a higher level of proficiency or even a Competency in English. 

Are you ready to learn and acquire higher proficiency in English Conversation?

Please contact us at:   or call: +1 650-241-3207 and discuss your current difficulties. 


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