Leveraging Corporate Immigration to your Strategic Hiring Practices

Leveraging Corporate Immigration to your Strategic Hiring Practices

Corporate immigration is one among the strategies used when hiring experienced and technical professionals from other parts of the world.


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When your organization is based in the United States and hires through employment-based visa for your workforce.  Please make sure that you have the most up-to-date fee schedule in order to determine the appropriate fee for your new hire’s visa application. Enclosing the applicable fee to the Visa Application will save you time, money and efforts.

Recently, the USCIS announce the new changes on the schedule of US visas that took effect April 13, 2012. New US Visas Processing Fees

What this means to you?
1. Planning ahead of the game is essential.  It will save you economically and get the best return on your investments. For considerations take note of the following items:
a.  Discuss your expat status with an experienced global mobility and corporate immigration specialist
b. Plan a strategy that will match to your expectations, time lines and long journey patience
c.  Prior to application, a Petition on your behalf must be prepared based on the matching requirements of the position and understand its optimum opportunities 
d. Extra care is a must when you travel based on your current status, seek advise as necessary prior to travel and understand current restrictions and limitations are the country you will visit or travel to
e.  Make sure all documents are in order, plan ahead in securing required documentations pertaining to your previous employment, personal and corporate documentation
f. Discuss with current petitioning employer about the intent for long term opportunities as well as limitations
g. Filing fees and complete documentation will result to a visa acquisition and following an official entry to the United States of America

2. Strategic R.O.I-based and Results Driven Corporate Immigration Program:
Organizations that do not have strategic global corporate immigration program can be helped by JNT Consulting Global Resources. Please call  +1 650 241 3207 to discuss on how we can assist you

3. Our experienced team can also assist you with your global mobility strategies across cultures.


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