Four Reasons Why You Need English Speaking Proficiency

The following reasons tell you why you need to enhance your proficiency in speaking like all English speakers. 

1. Are you struggling in sharing your ideas?

2. Are you searching the words and thinking for the right word when you are talking or discussing certain ideas and stories with someone in person or via a telephone? 
3. Do you like to share your ideas, new information effortlessly and with confidence?
4. Do you like to gain job opportunities that require English speaking proficiency? 
If you can relate to any of the above mentioned questions, it is recommended highly that you will learn Conversational English. Having the proficiency of sharing your ideas, thoughts, perspectives, opinions to your friends, co-workers and other individuals will give you greater experience.

Please check the example of our Conversational program below (please note that this example was based on negotiated group program that we conduct).

Please contact us to discuss your current needs.  When we speak with you, we will arrange to diagnose your deficiencies and then we develop a matching syllabus / lessons that will improve your proficiency. Our goal is to give you the progressive learning in English Conversations in order to achieve a proficiency level like a native speaker of English.

Our experienced trainer will travel to your home and conduct the lesson based on a mutually convenient time. 24 hours of cancellation policy applies to all negotiated classes. 

For inquiries please call: +1 (650) 241-3207 or send us at email to:


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