Why is grammar important when communicating?

Grammar is the coherence between words, their tenses, punctuation marks, behaviors, gender, number, ideas, thoughts, time, location and etc. within phrases, sentences, paragraphs, statements, expletives, utterances or gambits. Grammar anchors the many language features to form and facilitate easier understanding of thoughts being conveyed to the recipient, whether through writing or speaking.

Native speakers of English do not necessary follow grammatical patterns when they speak. This is because it is their mother tongue. It is an innate learning and characteristics that were imbedded to their personal development when growing up. They become aware of the correctness of using grammar when they begin to write and speak effectively within a more formal settings and environments such as work or at school. Once they recognized the difference of their spoken language forms to that of the writing form, they begin to adjust and integrate grammatical features in their communication. Oftentimes, they come across this when they go to school or begin working. However, for those that are not involved in a formal use of the English linguistic features it was not an essential part of life.

On the other hand, people whose mother tongue is not English. They learn the English language in school as a subject matter. This is either called a Second Language or Communication Arts. Many countries offer English as a Second Language in their schools. Some countries particularly those with private schools use English as their media of instructions and preferred communication means among students in order to effectively acquire the essential use of English language through practice.
Many speakers of other languages besides English have difficulties in forming a coherent thought when communicating in either written or spoken forms of the English language. They don’t have the control of the linguistic grammatical features needed to be understood easily by their listeners. These individuals feel their deficiencies when they begin to communicate interactively among English native speakers and or fluent speakers.
Having the ability and proficiency to control the linguistic features of grammar when you communicate is important. Particularly when you are in school, passing a test requiring English proficiency whether written or speaking, having a job interview, applying for a job, making written communications and or reporting within the workplace, doing research where your command of English linguistic features are required, even when conversing with other speakers. Living within any English speaking country require certain proficiency of English language with emphasis in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension. It will make living in these areas more profound with experiences and to the fullest.
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