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The different classes covered in the above coupon are either of the following:

ID Code
Conversational English for Personal  and Professional Use
English the Language for Communication
English as a Second Language /
English for Speakers of Other Languages
English Vocabulary Development
English Grammar Proficiency

For your convenience, the Language Teacher or English Coach/Tutor will travel within 30 miles from 95158 to your location. Class will begin immediately upon completion of the Assessment of Proficiency Level, the class type will be individualized tutorial, dyad, or cluster of four up to six individuals. Two or more students can be arranged accordingly. Registration is continuous based on slot availability.

For inquiries and registration please call +1 (650) 241-3207 or
Send an email to: 
Class Description:

1. Conversational English for Personal or Professional Use

    ID Code: INC-ConvEng-01
This class develops the essential skill and speaking proficiency when you live in an English speaking country. This will help you to converse and articulate your ideas and feelings everyday without fear and hesitation.
Take a look at the scale level below. What is your proficiency level?
Level 1 – groping with words or think a long time about the right words to say when sharing an information
Level 2 – can express basic utterances and information but limited in free flowing conversation
Level 3 – can handle an average conversation but limited in expanding thoughts and ideas 
If you feel that your proficiency in English speaking is limited as identified above. It is strongly recommended that you will take lessons in Conversational English. Developing your ability as a good conversationalist is our business. We have appropriate programs that are customizable based on your level of proficiency. After completing the required period your gain the joys of speaking fluently.

2. English the Language for Communication
    ID Code: INC-EngLang-02

This class is designed to develop the proficiency and competency of the learner about the use of the English language. Creates learning and awareness into the relationship between semantics, morphology, phonology, expressions (formal and non-formal), vocabulary, idioms and grammatical forms. The applied techniques are based on learner’s current level, and progressively use other learning approaches that will facilitate interactive, effective, easy-to-experience, realistic impact to learning needs.

Goals of the lessons:
1. Learn how English as the form of communicating;
2. Acquire the writing proficiency that improves clarity of ideas that are being communicated,
3. Demonstrate proficiency and level of competency in using grammatical and social components of both writing, and speaking including certain extent to the culture when communicating.

3. ESL – English as a Second Language
    ID Code: INC-EngESL-03

This is intended for anyone who is interested to gain proficiency level of the English language in order to exchange discussions, verbal interactions or comprehend ideas and thoughts received, like a native speaker of English.

ESL is a subset of applied linguistics. It covers utterances, writing, reading, grammar, comprehension and cultural implications. The main objective is to learn and acquire English proficiency in order to use it like the way native speakers do. Experienced Language Trainer executes methodologies that will  give you adequate control of the language within 6 weeks. The acquired proficiency level in reading, writing, speaking, comprehension and cultural implications will be demonstrated during conversations of topics that relate to any day-to-day living or by sharing unique and informative ideas that illustrate meaningful thoughts and meanings to another individual.

The techniques used are holistic with experiential approach. Progressively use different learning approaches that facilitate interactive, effective for day to day living for personal or business use. Techniques will change according to the growing level of proficiency.  The results of this class will provide the student a level 4 or 5 proficiency wholistically.

4. English Vocabulary Development
    ID Code: INC-EngVocab-04

This class develops a reservoir of English vocabulary that learner needs to illustrate ideas, thoughts, topics when speaking or writing. Having adequate supply of words to use correctly at a given time, situation and location when communicating within personal or business settings. The fluency of using the right words will create a fun and meaningful clear communication among listeners, audience, and users of the English language. Best Approaches to learning will be utilized: 1. Use Holistic learning principles 2. Understanding the meaning and usage of the word is important 3. Techniques that draws interest, interaction, fun environment, learning is a must 4. Create a personal and conducive atmosphere with certain level of fluency

5. English Grammar Proficiency
    ID Code: INC-EngGram-05

This class develops the use of correct grammar in writing and at certain level of speaking. Learn the relationship between meaning and grammatical form, vocabulary and sounds, etc. The techniques use learning approaches that will facilitate easy-learning-experience with realistic impact to learning needs. Techniques will change according to the growing level of proficiency. The result of this class is a demonstration of correct English grammar in any written or speaking form in regards to structures, tenses, relationships, numbers and other grammatical features. Communicating clearly and effectively is the essential outcome.

We look forward to assist and coach you with your learning needs.


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