How can I tell that I need help to improve my speaking in English?

In May Article, we provided 4 reasons why you need english conversational competence with the help of an experienced Tutor or a Coach, who has helped individuals from international countries.

Today, we thought of reinforcing the mentioned article to help you with a personal guide on how you gauge yourself in your speaking abilities. We are giving you a  mock up list of descriptions that may be relevant to your own personal experience and proficiency. Try it out, and then let us know how you fair.
Please choose all applicable items below that will describe your present abilities when you are speaking in English with another individual at any given setting such as; at home, at a party, among friends, applying to a job, on the telephone, in the store buying something, at a doctor’s office or at any location where you need English as the means to share your idea.
I can only say the words I learned from my language classes through memorization and grammar
I struggle to find the right word or phrase to say
I cannot explain myself when asked to describe. Unless the other person will ask me something that is answered only with yes or no
I only ask simple questions but cannot discuss more to inquire about the details
I can ask and answer simple questions that are only familiar to me
I can talk about usual activities that I was trained for. I can engage with simple conversations but limited to discuss more information that may be relative to activities. I cannot do a progressive conversation
I can share certain degree of fluency during conversations with native speakers on familiar topics, express and support my ideas but will not engage with topics that are broad and need more knowledge because I don’t have all the words and expressions to support my views
I can express myself fluently without searching for informal expressions during basic conversations but don’t have control on topics within the business environment. I lack technical terms to engage with better conversations professionally
I can use the language somewhat effectively for informal social and professional purposes. I can share my ideas and opinions with confidence but limited with formal expressions and cannot handle specific topics that require additional situations like entertainments, jobs, articles with specific focus, sharing more in depth knowledge on certain topics
Important Considerations:
Please note that the above items are only estimated concepts to identify self-deficiencies in speaking English.  A professionally trained Language Teacher can determine and assess actual value of your competencies or proficiencies in speaking. Conducting a speaking proficiency test will take place in order to identify your level. That will tell you where to begin your lessons and progressively overcome your difficulties. 

For your advantage:
Speaking in English with fluency and clarity will create confidence in yourself to talk with anyone, discuss issues, offer suggestions, clarify questions, file a concern, share your ideas, emotions and perspectives. It is very useful in any settings including doing business across countries that speak English. 

Globally, English is understood and is the preferred language of major businesses and business people and their families. For those who like to get better opportunities in English speaking countries, they will learn to speak English the best they can.   

Call us for an experienced trainer of multinationals, professionally trained and with an advanced degree in  English Language Teaching. 

Our telephone number is +1 650 241-3207 or send an email to:   

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