Presenting Results-driven and Meaningful Ideas: A Competency of Efficiency and Professionalism

Don’t be one of those boring, invaluable data talkers, time wasters, insensible presentation skills and behavior of many individuals who call themselves ‘speakers and presenters but read their slides – page by page and word per word’. 

“Learning will be optimized when presented with impactful information, driven with the right technical knowledge, competency, and experience of the user, teacher, coach, facilitator or trainer; particularly when using the 21st Century, technologically-based concepts, and useful tools for informative engaging discussions.” – said Juntee Terrenal

There are three types of  ‘information Presenters who are professionally competent’ whose skills are essential in order to accomplish their functional responsibilities in any business environment. They are the following; 

Information Facilitator:

The Presenter uses PowerPoint as a tool of meaningful learning. The normal teaching or training becomes interactive when sessions impact audience’ inquisitiveness and trigger reactions. Many learning environment of today, utilize presentations to share various topics that are curriculum-based to audience.

Business Acumen Presenter:
Professionals and leaders, who are empowered to share and or close business with intended audience specifically in sales oriented professions, utilize powerful tools and options like Microsoft PowerPoint. It makes it easier for people in marketing, advertising, sales, business developers, managers, leaders and other business people to incorporate their ideas, stratagems, values, services and products information.

Skills Trainer:
Today’s Era is technologically driven. Using PowerPoint is an essential software tool  to incorporate action-driven and strategic perspectives that will create value-add interaction with the audience. Majority of top executives, managers of various business units, use this powerful tool and integrate communicative competence to share and communicate business information with their team members, colleagues, and or associates. Such tool will facilitate better idea, interactive and more effective learning about essential information of their business. It is the goal of every trainer to achieve results when using this tool.

“If you don’t have the competency, hire a Coach and learn it with passion

Observed Disturbing Realities among presenters of information:

1. Template reflects amateurish looks
2. Used technical features like fonts, colors, images, and animations were amateurish
3. Prepared 30 plus slides to read to the audience
4. Read the information that were written in their slides
5. Cannot discuss freely what were presented concepts in their slides
6. Timing is not integrated

Program: Acquire the Competency of Presenting Results-Driven and Meaningful Ideas

Brief Summary:
This program is designed to increase the competency of the individual by learning the basics up to advanced level technical knowledge and skills in using tools that demonstrate results-driven data, exchange of meaningful ideas, personality, professionalism and confidence. Integrating the whole business landscape within a high performance organization to achieve ROI and positive results. It provides meaningful action oriented, results driven, learning experiences that are applicable in any setting of business, relationships and daily transactions.

Our experienced American Coaches / Trainers will use techniques that overcome the identified difficulties of the Learner and match it with the current level of proficiency. These various learning approaches will sustain results through interactive, effective, easy-to-experience with realistic impact to identified difficulties. Activities will change progressively in order to support the growing level of proficiency which results to demonstrable skills and effectiveness.

Twelve Modular Sessions of two hours each
Intensive Program Participation
Continuing Progress Proficiency Evaluation
Competency Demonstration + COC  

Ideas N Conversations’ Class will transfer to Learner(s) the essential basics to advance knowledge and technical skills in using the PowerPoint Presentation Software Program. That competency will solve business needs and individual handicap in utilizing the program. Each lesson is independently enrolled. It can also be enrolled as an entire package.

Practical Lessons in gaining skills and eventually a competency:
1.      Understanding About Power Point Presentation
2.      Developing a Customized Template with Professional Appeal
3.      Creating Effective and Relevant Contents
4.      Creating Sample Presentation Through Immersion
5.      Evaluating Data for Accuracy and Informational Usage

Goals in Presenting with PowerPoint:
1. Acquire relevant knowledge and skills in using PowerPoint Presentation
2. Develop confidence in discussing informative materials without fear and hesitation
3. Acquire correct information about the practical content and usage
4. Acquire skills that will demonstrate competence in managing data and information that will be shared in the presentation document for whatever purposes
5. Demonstrate results and return on investment by learning with  experienced IdeasN Coach

Techniques in Presentation Teaching:
1. Experiential Adult Speaking and Presenting with Whole Language Philosophy

Learner Requirements for Success:
1. Must have a computer (preferably desktop or laptop)
2. Must have a PowerPoint Program version 2003 or above
3. All sessions will be pre-paid and a minimum of 2 hours per session
4. Cancellation of session must be made 48 hours in advance

Creativity in Using of Presentation Software:
Create presentations, technical documentation,  reports, manuals, charts, illustrations, artistic layouts, flyers, business proposals, surveys, personal documentation and many other forms when communicating ideas through electronic media and integrated with other programs (like excel, Word, photos, etc).

Understanding various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint up to 2010, MS Office Suite for PCs or Mac would be essential. In that way, your readers or users of your document will have the efficiency of utilizing it.

Acknowledgment: GoogleMap 
After completing this class you must have:
– gained an intermediate to advanced proficiency in Presenting Meaningful Ideas
– acquired handy techniques in speaking fluently
– assimilated better communication skills with correct use of grammatical functions in both conversational speaking and writing, including culture and social implications of the English language within business or personal settings.

Terms and Fee Schedule:

Tuition Fees are pre-paid
Receipt will be issued
Fees as Non-Refundable
Acceptable form of payments: PayPal, Major Credit Cards
48 Hours Cancellation is required to be entitled for re-scheduling of missed class
*Applicable promotion (where applicable) will apply during registration

For more details and information, please call: +1 (650) 241-3207 or send an email to:

Avoid being auto-deleted:
When you email us with your inquiries, please avoid going to a ‘Spam box and be auto-deleted’. We suggest that please provide the following information, then our Coach will give you a call or reply to your inquiry.
1. Name:
2. Telephone:
3. Email Address:
4. Zip Code:

We like to hear from you or from your friends who may be interested to participate in any of the programs that we conduct.


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