Introducing Oneself is a Conversational Competency

With many individuals who speak English as their second language. The challenge of using the appropriate phrases, expressions and words when in a crowd of people exist. Are there ways to learn these correctly? It is a matter of finding the right coach, who will facilitate your learning.

Here is a simple quiz:

When you begin speaking with someone you never met before, which utterances are the better options while in a particular setting?

Photo # 1

Photo # 2

Which of the photos above illustrates a setting that is interactively informal? and a formal reserved setting?

In situations where introducing oneself will take place. It is essential to demonstrate appropriate utterances when you begin speaking. English words and phrases have functional use during a given conversational setting. This can be either informal or formal.

For example at Photo #2: Jeremy is introducing himself to Sally. “Hi, I am Jeremy” versus “I am Mrs. Sally Carter”

In ideal situation, do not mix formal utterances like “I am Mrs. Sally Carter” in a very informal setting .. ideally it would be better to say “I am Sally” in response to “I am Jeremy”.

In Photo # 1: Ms. Jones is introducing herself to Mr. Bradley. This is more of a reserved formal setting. In a situation like this, use utterances like “I am Ms. Terry Jones” and a response would be “I am Mr. Ed Bradley”
Sometimes, the utterances are: “I am Ms. Jones” and the response is “I am Mr. Bradley”.

In both situations, depending on the location of the setting particularly in which country or city. There are differences in cultural practices where introductions are made. One important thing to remember when participating in any event, make a quick understanding about cultural practices in a certain area where you are going. It will provide you better success and avoid social faux pas.

Learning Conversational English will allow you to understand what are the cultural notes and contexts of utterances within certain situations. Your Coach will show you how and you can immerse yourself in actual practices that are meaningful to your learning.

The Class on Conversational English is normally taken by individuals who learned ESL (English as a Second Language) from other learning centers and or tutorial services but did not achieve certain high level of proficiency in speaking. These individuals have limited vocabulary and phrases to control their conversational skills when speaking with other English speakers. Hence, they are challenged when sharing their ideas.

For additional information about Lessons on English Conversations, please call +1 (650) 241-3207 or send an email inquiry to:


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