We Speak Virtually to gain Conversational English Proficiency Via Skype or Yahoo

The Program: Interactive Conversations Through Practice with Multi-media Technologies (via either Skype or Yahoo Messenger) is a modern results and media-driven program that creates the experience, global interaction among individuals who like to develop the essential skills and competency in conversations; discuss topical issues while learning many linguistic features that make your ideas become relevant to your audience. When you live in an English speaking country, use the language like the way native English speakers do. The program simulates a virtual interaction and learning among remotely based individuals through Skype.

The Goals: Its purpose is to achieve a certain level of proficiency that articulates ideas, concerns, descriptions, perspectives, opinions, comprehension and emotions without fear and hesitation.

Topic Scope: Each scheduled session will have a conversational linguistic theme and topic focus. 
All topics include the development and practical use of concepts in speaking. When talking or conversing with another individual, it is essential to understand the correct usage of terms, words, sounds, phrases, language forms, idiomatic expressions, quotations, lingua franca, technical terminologies and articulation surrounding day-to-day living. The proficiency in English Conversations creates meaningful and engaging interactions in a formal or informal setting whether socially, personally  or in a business setting.

Overview of Scope:
Learning to use mechanisms for effective conversations
English conversational structures that demonstrate results
Techniques in articulating your ideas with results
Topical meaningful conversations with friends and colleagues
Utterance modification to influence listeners and specific audience
Sensible conversations that are meaningful
(Note: Specific sessions are customized to the identified level of difficulties)
After participating in a conducted Assessment of Difficulties, the Registration and sessions will follow. The Coach will host and moderate all activities. Attendees will be provided with the session content ahead of the scheduled session in order to encourage readiness and active participation. Attendees will bring their ideas, thoughts, insights, experiences and concerns to the session.

1. Must have a Skype or Yahoo Account
2. Pre-Registration required 
3. One on one tutorial is available for independent learning
4. Or In-cluster of 4 individuals per scheduled session is available
5. Others will be given a separate schedule when specific schedule is full
Who can Attend: Any individual who would like to increase their proficiency in speaking English and gain conversational skills without boundary.
Curriculum Terms and Fee Schedule:
1. Tuition Fees are pre-paid 
2. 2:12  Intensive and interactive Sessions
3. Customized class topics based on learner’s assessed difficulties
4. Class type: 1/1 tutorial, dyad, or in-cluster of 4 individuals
5. Learner’s Centered: Whole Language Approach and Results-oriented Methodologies
6. Venue: Virtual via Skype or Yahoo Messenger
7. Cancellation: 48 hours’ Notice

For more details and inquiries:
Please call +1 650 241 3207  or send an email to: info@ideasnconversations.com

Trainers Professional Competencies:
Over 18 years of experience in teaching English Language Courses (basic to advanced curricula) among college students, adults and young adults, ESL/ESOL students from many countries like Vietnam, Japan, S. Korea, the Philippines, China, Mexico, France and other non-English speaking countries. Career professional in both private and public environments. Have worked with clients in over 40 countries. Students acquired better opportunities in career and living after speaking English fluently.
Trained, coached and tutored business professionals whose mother tongue is not English. These include multinational executives, employees and their family members. Demonstrated English proficiency was helpful in the performance of their duties and responsibilities within an English speaking country.

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