Competency in English for Business and Conversations – the Emerging Global Necessity


Globally, English is the understood preferred language of major business enterprises. It is the emerging conversational language required among professionals who are deployed to work internationally or has responsibilities that will interface with multi-country based business operations. Internationally inclined business men or women and their families demonstrate proficiency in the English language. 

Most recently, experienced professionals in Linguistics, Global Business and Cross-Culture arena are finding that there is growing gap regarding English proficiency particularly with limited Conversational Business English competency.


Researches show that there is a growing gap of this deficiency, particularly among Expat workforce demonstrating weaknesses in the language with approximate range of 58% to 71%.  Internationally based workforce in the field acknowledged that their handicap is on Business English Skills to support the demand and communication requirements of their jobs. 
Regardless of the profession, white collar or blue collar job, temporary or permanent status – English has become a burden among workers and employers. This is brought along by globalization of organizations and workforce migration across cultures. In addition, a misconception prevails that when you speak English you already very competent in working and become a part of the driving force of a business enterprise. Unless you understood its  intra-cultural implications or the called Socio-linguistics of the English language then you are capable.
Business and Conversational English language competencies and proficiencies are required to those who like to work in English speaking countries, they will learn to speak English within the business premise.

Among the workforce of multi-national organizations from other countries, who migrated to the United States, they face many challenges when articulating their ideas with their co-workers. They will need to increase proficiency level in their Conversational Business English.
For the employees who are English speakers, they also face many challenges when it comes to writing and articulating their ideas. They get confused on many grammatical features of the English language. This is because they did not learn the correct usage of linguistic features when growing up. Today, when engaged in speaking and or writing reports for management consumption they often commit mistakes like the non-native English speakers.
Do I like to acquire or increase my Conversational Business English Proficiency?
It is a matter of personal decision making. Prioritizing your business preferences for advancement or selecting to  become a misfit at workplace and feel inadequate professionally. 
There are many choices available when it comes to learning environments and comes along with those choices are the costs associated to poor versus quality resultsWhen it comes to acquiring the necessary skills in Conversational  Business English Proficiency, there are limited options with quality and results
Ideas N Conversations is one that is unique and is based in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, California). Their techniques and professional approaches in coaching and training are customized by their experienced Coach / Trainer. Lessons are matched with the assessed learning deficiency of the individual, personalized that will provide significant improved learning adaptable for immediate use at the workplace. Their learning philosophy and business practices are far and beyond compared to the usual practices of the traditional adults language learning centers.  Results and Return On Investments are their priority for their clients. Take advantage of their Summer Promotions!

In the global internet, English is also becoming the global language that is dominating the internet webpages, and social media.  In 2011, a study shows that more than 56 percent of all website use English as their content language. 

This means that English is being adopted to become a Universal Language.  If you have a dificiency or weakness in English, you better start learning so by the time this has become almost everyone speaks it, you are in the advanced level to talk and share your ideas with anyone.


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