Selling Oneself during Conversations and Interviews

As candidate for a specific position, you must know your abilities. Be confident that you bring your technical skills and professional competencies to the employer’s business. When given that chance and moment, you will take advantage of the situation and discuss the problems and challenges they were facing but not to inquire about jobs, and show them your enthusiasm to bring in additional revenue through your effectiveness. This scenario will turn into your favor as a candidate. In addition, knowing what is outside the interviewing room is equally crucial piece of information for making your personal or professional decision to join the organization. You have the right to inquire in equal footing to their right of screening you.
Candidates must NOT work with recruiters or representatives with bad practices:

Your goal as a candidate is to screen out those organizations that do not demonstrate good recruitment and hiring practices. Be watchful of common bad practices; such as oftentimes requested an updated resume but never get any follow up from the Requester. Nor they send any acknowledgement, or communicate back with candidates after initial conversations. They do not send a feedback of the status of the application. They send a reply to candidates after 3 months from date of application. Conducted an interview either by phone or in person, but did not send any updates beyond ten days. All of these common bad practices within the recruitment and staffing arena are giving a bad name to the industry where real professionals do their work at best. Create a database of people you have spoken with regards to jobs and do not communicate with them again if they do not practice good business and communication. They are not a good source of information about opportunities.

Make your competencies as your assets:
Your competencies will demonstrate your abilities to do the job. Having the proficiency in speaking and conversationally engage with the Interviewing Team or Panel, this will open the doors of opportunity for you.
Highlight your technical skills, illustrate through effective conversations your proficiency in communicating about your ideas and abilities to perform the job. 
Create your portfolio that will speak about yourself and discuss strongly how you can solve many of the issues that the company are going through. Put currency value to your efforts and business plan. Present that ROI and they will extend you an offer letter without blinking. Must illustrate your capabilities as validated by experiences that were undeniably effective with ROI and results-driven.
Have your References talk and discuss about your qualities as an individual, a team partner, leader, or part of an effective team. However, be mindful do not give your List of References to a recruiter to contact until you have a face to face interview and been extended a verbal offer.
Do you have difficulties with persuasive conversations?
The American Coaches of Ideas N Conversations can help you develop and advance your interviewing skills and become conversationally savvy. Your proficiency to articulate your skills and competencies will influence the hiring decision. 
If you like to get Hired contact +1 (650) 241-3207 and discuss your difficulties and learn many ways to become effective during the interviewing process. If you help yourself you will get what you like to have and others do not give you that unless you can demonstrate.
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