Enrolment is Now Open – Learn Conversational English in 12 Sessions

Conversational English Lessons that will help anyone who struggles to speak English conversationally with other English speakers.

In many aspects, speakers of other languages can learn English easily specially when the Trainer or Coach will provide effective and useful learning strategies that will make them talk. When someone who enrolled in ESL for Adults has been in the same school and learning English for the last 6 Months or longer – there is a big problem with the techniques used in teaching the adults students. The curriculum is probably an old view of teaching English as a Second Language and the teachers are not competent with the current trends of teaching second language.

There are many ways to teach English specifically Conversationally focused English as a Second Language for Adults. Experienced trainers and coaches of adults students have the competencies of demonstrating essential skills to make these learners talk in English.

Ideas N Conversations Offers Six Weeks or 12 Sessions Curriculum for Adult Learners who like to enhance their speaking proficiency. Modules are based on the Identified Difficulties of each students. Workshops of 8 to 10 learners are available. There is also a Tutorial on a one on one basis with someone who preferred to be independently coached.

Call +1 (650) 241-3207 to inquire and register. Accepting enrollees now!

For Vietnamese speakers who like to learn Conversational English

For Mexican speakers who like to learn Conversational English

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