Improving One’s Deficiencies and Frustrations During the Year 2012 – Our 2013 Programs are Open

The Year 2012 is about to conclude. Have you made a list of your Challenges and Difficulties at work or at a personal level?

If you have not done, in the next three weeks you can evaluate yourself and then make plans to eradicate those that made you failed, or at least plan to improve them to become better for next year.

Here is a personal question for yourself.
Are any of the following scenarios attributed to my inabilities, deficiencies or frustrations in this Year of 2012?

– I have poor verbal and written communication skills
– Inability to articulate myself to my peers at work and outside work because I do not speak the English language well
– I am a Team Leader but has issues in communicating verbally and effectively with my team members
– I cannot advanced myself in my career as I felt my communication skills are not proficient
– I lack leadership skills and wanted to accomplish more results
– I always find myself below par when engaged in conversational topics with friends
– I have been to numerous interviews but cannot land the job due to my communication skills and conversational inabilities
– When explaining something to others I was always searching for the right words or phrases
– Speaking in front of others is always been my problem, I always read my powerpoint line by line when I present and cannot articulate additional information that were not listed in the presentation
– At numerous occasions, I’ve been tasked to relate with Excel Spreadsheets but don’t have any knowledge of using it
– I went to school and learned English but I cannot express myself conversationally like other English speakers, however I can write my ideas well
– I have been living in the United States for few years but still cannot speak English well, I have also attended many ESL classes at various centers
– I am new in the area and working for a technology company, however my English is very limited

In order to make necessary adjustments to any of your acknowledged deficiency, consider any of the Session Workshops for the Year 2013 from Ideas N Conversations. Speak with their Specialist Trainer to fully determine your difficulties and how to improve them dramatically for better success in the future.

Our January 2013 Programs are now accepting Registrants.
2012 IdeasN Learn with Fun_Sessions

Sessions will begin in January 2013. We like to hear from you or from your friends who may be able to take advantage any of the programs listed above.


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