Acquire Your Competency: English Communications, Business, & Leadership

Our 2013 Classes and programs will help to increase your proficiency and then eventually optimize your competency as an individual. Optimistically, options are endless. However, in order to become the Agent of Success this year, your plans must be efficient, create a road map for prosperity, make time tables of the things that you like to accomplish, work and achieve productive results on each goal, adjust them when unpredictable circumstances arise and as time permits, navigate through various challenges that may come, and always celebrate results with your passion.

“Creating in You the following Strength is our Pleasure”

Regardless of events that are taking place around us, Ideas N Conversations offers the 2013 Classes and Programs for your personal or professional development. You have many options to choose from. Each class will give you learning environment to harness your “living skills that will uncover the best out of yourself in order to achieve better success and fulfillment today and in the near future”. These will play essential roles in your personal or business life as you will advance and develop to be better.

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For Remote Learning Options:

There are also classes available for anyone who likes to learn remotely. We have designed classes that can be done via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. All that you will need is your active account in either of the two platforms. Register with us and then you are ready to begin your learning in English Conversations for Business or Personal Use or increase your communication skills and competency.

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For more details and information, please call +1 (650) 241-3207 or send us your email to: 

Avoid being auto-deleted:
When you email us with your inquiries, please avoid going to a ‘Spam box and be auto-deleted’. We suggest that please provide the following information, then our Coach will give you a call or reply to your inquiry.
1. Name:
2. Telephone:
3. Email Address:
4. Zip Code:
We like to hear from you or from your friends who may be interested to participate in any of the classes that we conduct.


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