Few Tips in Practicing Your Language During Celebrations

Happy Australia Day”
credit: @junteet

Today, is the Australia Day Holiday of our friends down under. 

You can use the following tips at any time you are in a celebratory event, holidays, on vacation or at any location.

Few Tips for Language Practice During Celebrations:
Whenever possible and convenient, another way to practice your second language is by engaging a conversations with people around you. Take time off from your busy schedule and meet with family and friends and converse with them in your second language, like English. Please find below some tips that will help you gather new learnings:
1. Find an opportunity of practicing your English speaking, start from greeting someone with new phrases and gambits
2. Do not to speak in your Mother tongue so that you can gain more practice
3. When speaking with friends, take note of new words and their distinct way of saying words and phrases
4. Ask for meanings of words or phrases that you will hear. Someone will be happy to share you what they meant
5. Pay attention on the social implications and usage of phrases and words. Do not assume that the way it was used in your gathering has the same way of usage in another situation. Try to understand the setting, who is speaking, and what they are talking about. In that way, you will know how to use it after wards
6. Always look for an extended meaning of words and phrases as you are learning in that way you will increase your knowledge and proficiency in using them correctly

Enjoy and share us your experiences when possible. We will enjoy hearing from you. You can always email us at: info@ideasnconversations.com

If you have friends who would like to learn Conversational English or other living skills for career advancement and better opportunities. Share them our website link Our 2013 Programs”  We are in your neighborhood, so you can just choose the location that is most convenient from your location.

For more information and inquiries, you can call us directly at : +1 (650) 241-3207 and our Coach will be happy to speak with you to answer your questions.

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