English Competency is required to become a Lawful US Resident then Earn US Citizenship

Speaking the English language and competency of US Civics are requirements to earn Lawful US Permanent Residency and US Citizenship per the proposed Reform of the  Comprehensive US Immigration Laws announced by President Barack Obama when he spoke last January 29, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
The following clause appeared in the Fact Sheet of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform where it stated the language requirement for anyone who will decide to become a Lawful US Resident:

“Create strict requirements to qualify for lawful permanent resident status.  Those applying for green cards must learn English and U.S. civics.  As under current law, five years after receiving a green card, individuals will be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship like every other legal permanent resident.” 
What this means to Non-English Speaking Individual?  
For those individuals who like to go and live in United States, whether to work or join their family members who lawfully earned their US Residency and or Citizenship; one thing is very important. Demonstrate speaking proficiency and communicate with competence in English. 
Other countries such as Australia, Canada and United Kingdom require English Proficiency for those who go and work there including those who will immigrate to live there. 
Another important piece of the Proposed Immigration Reform is the inclusion of Family Members;
“Keep Families Together. The proposal seeks to eliminate existing backlogs in the family-sponsored immigration system by recapturing unused visas and temporarily increasing annual visa numbers.  The proposal also raises existing annual country caps from 7 percent to 15 percent for the family-sponsored immigration system.   It also treats same-sex families as families by giving U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents the ability to seek a visa on the basis of a permanent relationship with a same-sex partner. The proposal also revises current unlawful presence bars and provides broader discretion to waive bars in cases of hardship.”

What this means to Non-English Speakers with Family living in the United States? 
Demonstrate speaking proficiency and communicate with competence in English. 
Many US organizations sponsor Employment Visas for qualified Specialty Occupation, filled by foreigners with special education and technical expertise. Entrepreneurs, Graduate or College Students in US Universities and other specialized field qualify to reunite with their family living abroad under the New Immigration Reform. 
Each family member (spouses and children) who will join a Lawful US Resident in the United States must demonstrate competencies in speaking or communicating in English (verbal or non-verbal). It will be convenient to integrate in the American society when one demonstrates acceptable proficiency level in the English language.
For anyone who is already living in the United States but do nor demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in speaking, writing, reading and comprehension. Take time to learn and invest time for dedicated English learning. There are many options and techniques to learn English cheaply. Many schools and tutors provide cheap learning experience to those who like to learn the basics of English. 
For individuals who like to get better opportunities, advancement in career and personal life, demonstrate better capabilities, competencies, excellent proficiency in conversational English, communicating effectively in English whether in business or personal setting. They  hire the services of experienced professional to coach them
About Your Coach:
Your coach will give adequate learning experiences to improve one’s current problems. Learners will be guided on how to transform their difficulties and frustrations in conversational communication, written and verbal, presenting meaningful ideas, leading teams, convey messages to their peers and become effective communicator, team leaders and affective in their decision making as business men and women. The Coach is Learner’s Guide and Advocate who will help resolve current difficulties through exercises and workshops.  Your Coach will provide you additional knowledge to develop competencies that will help you progress in career or personal life. 
 Here are Ten Basic Pointers to Learn English:

1. Begin with self-driven activities in learning English, if you need assistance hire a Coach or go to a Class
2. Learn to recognize and develop the ability to read English alphabets, words and phrases
3. Learn the correct way of enunciating English sounds, syllables, words and phrases
4. Learn adequate supply of English vocabulary to create meaningful phrases
5. Learn to say appropriate utterances in order to convey correct meaning
6. Learn to use phrases, expressions and idioms correctly with their cultural implications
7. Learn to speak conversationally so that you can engage in discussing any topic, do not speak with your Mother tongue among friends and relatives
8. Learn to develop comprehension, understanding of thoughts and ideas by reading materials that were written in the English language
9. Learn about the cultural background of the English language, the community where you are living in order to communicate with them effectively, recognize the regional differences of accents and meanings
10. Learn to write in English in order to communicate affectively in writing
We like to hear about your experiences. Share us your comments at the provided field.  Thank you.

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