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Learning Benefits Through Conversations Across Cultures

It is a fascinating experience among individuals who take time in sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences with others. Particularly when eliciting new learnings, challenges and techniques in furthering higher level of proficiency or gaining competency in Conversational English.Conversational English requires competency or at least an intermediate level of speaking proficiency to demonstrate topical knowledge, varied ideas, grasp of culture, multi-cultural expressions, slangs, and idioms used by speakers, as well as recognition of the locale where one is using the English language.

Recently, individuals converged through a Skype Conversational English Session – FRSKYPE, who were attracted in the subject focus ‘Conversational English Session’. The session was attended by enthusiastic new friends; Jesus, who is based in Colombia, South America and a senior university student, intending of becoming an ESL Teacher in the future. Bere, who is from Mexico, only two weeks old new resident in Bay Area, California and is learning Conversational English. Sunitha, from India, who lives in California Bay Area, an Engineer by profession and acquiring Conversational English proficiency. The session was hosted by Jaytee, the resident expert, linguistics and business coach of Ideas N Conversations.
The group had a great exchange of ideas, have met new friends from other locations, learned from different perspectives, shared experiences, and challenges. Learning took place pertaining to philosophical insights regarding how we perceived others when they are speaking, and how are we were perceived by others and our listeners when one is speaking.
The group shared a common idea that English is a means of communicating with other people who are English speakers, living in English speaking countries, and working in a globally operating organizations that use English as their business language.
It was shared in the forum, that to be conversationally efficient in English, one must have a linguistic ear, and linguistic competency in order to understand the sounds, words, phrases, expressions, and contextual meanings that English speakers use. Each participant shared some challenges in demonstrating competency or at least proficiency. Each shared different experiences where the known proficiency within themselves is not enough to sustain the conversations across listeners and audience to be a meaningful experience.
Insights and strategic options were shared by the Host, regarding ways to learn effective Conversational English. How language are used across locations and speakers with cultural implications. How the English language was taught in other countries, and what makes up the unit of a English speakers and their community.
The group intends to meet again and discuss other topics that will enhance additional learning which are relevant to Conversational English and related matters.
Ideas N Conversations intends to hold other sessions that will increase knowledge and facilitate learning among participants. When interested in participating in succeeding sessions, please check back here about the next schedule. Or you can email your interest to: and we will add you to the future attendees list. Your comments are appreciated as always. Share it to us so we can learn from each other.

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  1. Dominque Ringuette | Reply

    You surely come with perfect writings. Bless you for sharing your web-site.

    1. Ideas N Articles | Reply

      Articles are written for a reason. They are meant to add learning and enjoyment of our readers. Thank you for your appreciation of our writing style and content. Please return to read other articles. You can also share our links to your friends. Or participate in our Skype Conversations. Again, thank you.

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