Adequate English Vocabulary Sets You to enjoy Meaningful Conversations

Learn the easy way in developing the reservoir of vocabulary that you can use both in your day-to-day activities, in your work or in any personal setting.
Ideas N Conversations holds classes in your neighborhoods. Select the nearest location from the map below which blue star indicates the location of classes
Call us at +1 (650) 241-3207 to reserve your seat. All classes are limited in seating to maximize learning impact to everyone. Your learning during the class are usable immediately at your own environment.

To learn about other classes, please click  “Our 2013 Classes & Programs for Your Learning Convenience” 

Avoid being auto-deleted:

When you email us with your inquiries, please avoid going to a ‘Spam box and be auto-deleted’. We suggest that please provide the following information, then our Coach will give you a call or reply to your inquiry.
1. Name:
2. Telephone:
3. Email Address:
4. Zip Code

We like to hear from you or from your friends who may be interested to participate in any of the classes that we conduct.

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