Learning, Listening, Sharing and Appreciating are Useful Parts of Conversations

Would it matter when you express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas about something that you have seen, read, touched, felt, or experienced?  When you are living in the moment of truth, it would be a great opportunity to share your emotional reactions. Emotions are the very basics of human beings. We feel something that is great or  something that is bad. Our ability to communicate will further help us validate those real reactions towards something or somebody that we feel a useful source of informative learning.

At IdeasN_Articles, we read all your comments, insights, reactions and appreciation about our article contents. We are loving the moments when we hear about your learning experiences. How great the article was, and how impactful they were to your current situations.  Your unselfish sharing of your experiences provide us more courage to give you more learning opportunities.  We try our very best to respond to all of them. Some comments however, were deleted because they do not relate to the purpose of our learning mission.

We like to give you our sincerest gratitude about your continuous patronage of our site, we enjoy your company.

Thank You -Comments JPG

In addition to what we share directly in our articles, we encourage you to visit the link of Our classes that can be found at http://ideasnconversations.blogspot.com/2013/01/2013-new-year-with-new-opportunities.html somehow anyone who may be interested to continue learning can take any of these classes.


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