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It is interesting to note that many of our readers, friends and visitors in our webpage expressed their appreciation about this article. We are very glad that many of you have found it interesting, learned from it, bookmarked it, and shared to your friends as well.

Here is a re-cap to that most commented article;

Learning is always possible, regardless of location. However, we suggested that when you are attending an event, party or get together – take the advantage into learning new things from it. Many information can come about in any of these events. If you are learning new language especially English, it is also the opportunity to practice your conversational proficiency. You can hear different sounds of words, other speaker’s way of enunciating based on their accent. Don’t get misled however, that someone’s accent is not good. That is wrong. An accent as a cultural influence of someone who speaks English is a valued highlight. That means you are in a diverse gathering and you will learn from it in many different perspectives.

Here are the tips that will help you:
1. Find an opportunity of practicing your English speaking, start from greeting someone with new phrases and gambits, get engaged in conversations
2. Do not to speak in your Mother tongue so that you can gain more practice. Make your goal that speaking English during the gathering is number 1 priority
3. When speaking with friends, take note of new words and their distinct way of saying words and phrases, you can learn from experience by hearing sounds of words
4. Ask for meanings of new words or phrases that you will hear. Someone will be happy to share you what they meant
5. Pay attention on the social implications and usage of phrases and words. Do not assume that the way it was used in your gathering has the same way of usage in another situation. Try to understand the setting, who is speaking, and what they are talking about. In that way, you will know how to use it afterwards
6. Always look for an extended meaning of words and phrases as you are learning, in order for you to increase your knowledge and proficiency in using them correctly. If meanings are unclear, seek the guidance of a Language Coach, one can explain what it means. However, remember to describe how it was used and when or where took place. In that way, the Coach can tell you the extended meanings.

For additional learning experience for those who like to learn remotely, we have a Skype Learning in a regular basis. You are invited to join us any time soon .. check this our for yourself – http://ideasnconversations.blogspot.com/2013/02/participating-in-conversations-bridges.html
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