Health care unfairness

People should not be treated unfairly when both of them are paying their taxes at due time. Equality must be for everyone … because taxes is enforced to everyone including the LGBT society.


My dads currently have separate health care insurance. But when one of them was not working because he was transitioning to a different type of job in his career, he was on my other dad’s health insurance. And in doing so, he had to pay extra taxes on the value of the health care coverage compared to straight married couples. This is really unfair. Since the federal government does not treat same sex couple equally, the costs of getting health care for these couples adds up quickly. I hear people say why they are against same sex marriage, but when all is said and done, it’s an issue of fairness and equitable costs. Here is a great article why health care costs are unfair for same sex couples.

Here are some great excerpts:
“According to a report published by two think tanks, the Center for American Progress and the…

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  1. Equality is important to All ~

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