A Field Trip: Visiting the Northwest Washington – Seeing the Tulip Festival is an Experience with the Beauty of Nature

This year 2014, I was at this festival as well, an incredible experience indeed.






By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Every mid-Spring time in the Pacific Northwest, the Skagit Valley is adorned with the beautiful Tulips in various colors that one can enjoy. It is an experience that immerse you within the nature of colorful flowers.

ReloNavigator encourages anyone who has not seen it and who can appreciate the beauty of nature; highly recommended to our new friends, clients and colleagues who are visiting the Pacific Northwest during the month of April.

Make time to experience the force of nature and its exulting colors at  “Skagit Tulip Festival in 2014”  Check the The Calendar of Events to enjoy a specific theme and extravaganza.

Reminder: Please dress up appropriately for a field trip scenery with comfortable walking shoes; anticipate environmental conditions such as mud, wet, slick fields, and unexpected rain. Ideally plan ahead to which location you are going to visit…

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