Quality and Integrity Influence Results and Achievements

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Today the buzz continues surrounding networking, social media including the traditional marketing tricks or perhaps the old-fashioned way of conducting business. What do these mean to you and your objectives in real life, personal or business / organization and internationally?

Regardless of one’s intent and objectives, it is essential to determine what would be your possible results. By knowing it, you will be able to create impactful techniques that will alleviate favorable results.

The following pointers were put together after speaking from our experts in our international teams, perhaps their insights will help you achieve your goals effectively;

  1. Before joining social media group or attending a networking group that is hosting an event or any type of event;

    1. invest some time to learn about the background of the group if it benefits your intents and purposes
    2. understand who the facilitator and their business
    3. where possible or applicable, have an open mind of learning about others who normally attend the events
  2. People who attend these various events have different needs to accomplish;

    1. listen actively: watch of signals, actions, phrases used, and articulation – you can determine so and so whether it is worth investing additional time or not
    2. rise above those who will try to impose their personal views, these are not the right connections to be with
  3. Create an influencing opportunity; be ready to discuss objectively about your goals in attending the event;

    1. do not give a sales pitch, however share why you are attending with reasons that are in line with the host’s objectives
    2. practice active listening (see item 2.1 above)
  4. Share only with particular individuals the things that are informative yet essential that will influence that person to ask more questions about you and your business;

    1. highlight your competency that are easily understood by the person you are speaking with
    2. use words that are action and concrete oriented
    3. avoid using technical term that will make your listener turn off his/her listening interest
  5. Demonstrate courtesy and professionalism; it will get the same respect and integrity;

    1. share only your business card to someone with equal interest
    2. do not tell someone you call him/her when you think there are no points of interest between your intent and theirs
    3. many smart individuals can decipher behaviors that are respectable and untrustworthy

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This article first appeared at ReloNavigator Newsletter, dated July 22, 2015 by Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist.


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