Academic/Creative Writing by @bnleez Featured @IdeasN in Paper.Li

@IdeasN and ReloNavigator as a whole wishes more successes to Benjamin L. Stewart @bnleez; we are appreciative on his efforts in featuring @IdeasN’s shared article at his Paper.Li’s under #creativewriting section.

Please visit the Paper.Li of @bnleez by clicking on the image below; #ideasnconversations #IBBAs #internationalresources #internationalbusinesses #relonavigator

_2015 AcademicWriting IdeasN Feature

@IntlBusinesses described this article via its tweet as “Fun Writing: Puffy Jacket Syndrome” because it illustrated a competent writing skills with added fun and creativity which you can observe while reading the article. Its stylistics and content inter-relatedness prompted @ideasN in tweeting it.

Thank You to Danny Kats, Columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Please click on the provided link of The Sydney Morning Herald to read the full article or click on this link “Cut fashion-tragic Puff-suffs some slack ...” or click the image below.


Creative Writing is one of the prominent techniques that can be used when creating an impactful content that will get across to specific or general audience. It is a competency in writing that is truly demonstrated by those who learned how to do it and who understand the concepts and principles behind it.

Benjamin L. Stewart, is an EFL Teacher Educator, who is based in Mexico and is developing strategic competency of his students to write contents creatively.  His educational philosophy is to facilitate learners in becoming more apt to form valid, reliable, and unbiased arguments, provide innovative solutions to real-life problems, make decisions that resolve cognitive conflict by developing understandings through a difference of opinion or perspective, and create innovative ways of communicating with others.

More power to @bnleez.

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