Embracing Social Media Means Accepting to Compromise with Its Conflicts

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Today’s trend is to be socially adaptable within the social media environment. Majority of the people embraced social media to either learn something, enjoy its privileges and or experience the conflicting information that it offers. There are many options within every platform.

Take it or leave it because at the end of the day, what matters are your personal or professional intents that you wanted to achieve within a particular medium. #socialmedia #IBBAs #EPTN #internationalbusinesses #ideasnconversations #leadership #strategy


Social engagements within social media is by sharing and discussing ideas, opportunities and intentions with different individuals. There are two lanes within social media and we practice in driving our efforts within these two lanes. One is sharing/giving information and the other is the opportunity of receiving such as retweets or leads that resulted from an established relationship.

Practicing passive behavior with the use of ‘Favorite icon’ is not a result-oriented activity. When you like something that was shared, get engaged beyond favorite, participate in discussing what was said or shared. Take the liberty of capitalizing to nurture a possible relationship that will result to business opportunities.

Best Options in using social media:

  1. Understand exactly what you wanted to do within social media.

    • Answer a question for yourself, the Why and the How of using it
  2. Identify the things that you would like to accomplish

  3. Review the functionality and scope of each platform

    • How does it relate to your particular needs?
  4. Understand the language of the platform

    • The principles behind it
    • The types of people that will be within the platform
  5. Create a plan that illustrate your measurable goals

    • Including techniques in achieving the goal(s)

    • Anticipated return of your invested time and efforts (ROI)

    • Alternative approach when it fails, how to exit from it or modify your techniques

Many individuals are gambling within the social media promise without understanding exactly how it influences their specific endeavors in order to achieve success.

“It is important to comprehend that what works for ‘Mary’ of ABC company,  may work for ‘James’ at CDE company, however it doesn’t work with ‘Gwen’ at EFG company; particularly consider the differences of industry and focus of each organization. In many respects, relate to it as a business tool where you need to be realistic in accepting results that could fail or be successful.” – said Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Chair, International Businesses BoardSM(IBBAsSM) and Founder/Principal of ReloNavigatorSM

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