4 Million Dollars for Congress to Save Lives – “I wished I would have done more”

By: Pete Earthlé @IdeasN

Hasan Minhaj, Comedian, The Daily Show was the speaker at the 2016 Annual RTCA Dinner (Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner) that was held last June 15, 2016; and shared his realistic observations about how Congress, journalists, politicians and other people are behaving. He really spelled out the realities and circumstances …

source credits: youtube, c-spanrtcadinner

source credits: youtube, c-spanrtcadinner

If you are curious or wanted to know about his point of views, please  listen to his complete remarks by clicking “Hasah Minhaj at the 2016 RTCA Dinner

“To my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ communities and every marginalized community, I am sorry I didn’t do more”

Hasan was incredible in verbalizing realities surrounding political and journalistic practices that limited results and expectations for the good of the American people.

More Power to Hasan Minhaj! You did a Great Job!


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