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Enjoy the Yummy Coconut Cake For Easter Instead

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Traditionally, there are many cakes that are made for Easter Celebrations. In my household, we are not traditionalist. We always explore other options that will give us a different experience that is culturally fit to our liking instead of ‘Easter eggs’.

During our Easter Celebration, we baked a ‘Coconut Cake’ that will be yummy and extraordinaire.

Are you making a different style during Easter?



Easter Sunday is a Cultural Renewal and Celebration Among Christians

The Lenten Season begins from Ash Wednesday and it will end with a Joyous Easter Sunday, particularly in the Catholic Faith.  Catholic devotees flock into churches during the Passion Week from Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday Vigil up to Easter Sunday to commemorate the passion of Jesus Christ up to his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Good Friday – Commemorating the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ:

credit: Theophanes_the_Cretan, 16th Century

Receiving the Holy Light – Saturday Vigil 

credit: Maggas @en.wikipedia
“Because the new liturgical day begins at sunset, the vigil begins between sunset on Holy Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday outside the church, where an Easter fire is kindled and the Paschal candle is blessed and then lit. This Paschal candle will be used throughout the season of Easter, remaining in the sanctuary of the church or near the lectern, and throughout the coming year at baptisms and funerals, reminding all that Christ is “light and life.“”

A Blessed Easter:

Christians across the globe celebrate Easter Sunday, where the replica of the cross that Jesus was crucified on and his resurrection are important symbols of Christian Faith. Many Americans and cultures across the world illustrate their celebratory events with decorated real eggs, chocolate eggs, materials that are made of rabbits, lambs, and or hares. Stores carry various forms of chocolates and candies in the shape of an egg.. Abundance of Easter Lilies are also available in many supermarkets and flower shops. And many designs of Easter cakes across bake shops. Easter is one of the most vibrant celebrations during the Spring Season in the United States.