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Typing Vs. Handwriting: Which Is Better For Your Memory?

I agree with this 1000 percent. I may be old-fashioned but learning while doing is something that cannot be forgotten. Be real, be unique and be a ‘learned individual’ not a tech-driven robot of conveniences.

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You’ve Got The #Competency When You Know How To Lead People Effectively With Confidence #RealLeader

To gain additional information about who is who with #Confidence and #RealLeaders, please click on the LinkSource: Competency Illustrates “Who You Are”

The Key to An Employment Home Run

By Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN 

In the 21st Century, it takes more that a Resume and Interviews to get a job successfully. Regardless of one’s personal status, the realities of getting a home run for a new job must consider the following;

@2016 2016CompetentResume

Employers’ representative will be hiring those who are personable with competency that are adaptive in the 21st Century. Every candidate must demonstrate a vicarious mindset, working styles, personal principles and #professional outlooks and needs; notwithstanding that the #millennials are #adventurous.

Experiencing issues that are hard to solve due to inadequate competency? We will be glad to help you in augmenting the gap of your competency; ReloNavigator’s experienced team will help you acquire the needed competency. 

For social media conversations tweet us: @IdeasN @ReloNavigator @IntlBusinesses; or click on the following  link to learn more about our ReloNavigator’s professional competency; and for additional information please call +1 (360) 312-4300 or send your inquiries via email to: info@relonavigator.com

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Getting One’s Feet Wet: 2016 Opportunities for Summer Internship and Coordinator, International Businesses Liaison

By IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

An onsite interview will be conducted on the 11th of February 2016 at Western Washington University’s Park Hall. Graduating students and other parties who are interested for a 2016 Summer Internship or Coordinator, International Businesses Liaison are encouraged to apply via the email link at the “How to apply area below”:

Position #1: Summer Internship for 2016 (Status Open)

Code: RNV-160204wwu

Employment Status: FT Intern

Location: Various Locations


The 2016 Summer Internship Program of ABC Corporation is now opened. Currently looking for engaging, interactive, results-oriented hard working, objective focused, bright undergraduate and or graduate students to join.

Overview of Internship Program:

The summer program offers ten-week paid internship opportunities at the ABC Corporation national headquarters office in California as well as at other ABC Corporation offices located across the U.S.   This paid internship is a 10-week duration from June to August 2016. Interns need to be available to work up to 40 hours per week.  Based on a student’s availability and school schedule, internships can begin or end before or after the dates indicated.  Applications are accepted for positions until filled.

The internship program is a combination of mentoring, learning activities, and project work designed to give broad exposure to the inner workings of international, publicly traded, financial services corporation.

The nature of activities will vary;

  • participating in professional career development workshops and activities including social activities internally and externally
  • allowing opportunities to explore your capabilities, exercise customization and creativity
  • providing a practical and challenging business experience that will add value to your professional growth
  • participating in an enrichment lunch and learn or executive breakfast chat with senior ABC Corporation Leaders as an opportunity to understand further the management level, their roles, and how you can impact their individual professional objectives to align with your role as an intern of the organization


  • Currently enrolled is preferred for all candidates
  • Must be in progress with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Business, International Studies, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, Communications, Information Technology, Economics, Decision Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, or related major
  • Demonstrable excellence in written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrable critical thinking, leadership, as a team player, and self-directed learning
  • Illustration of an international-minded individual
  • Demonstrable objectives of a lengthy list of where one would like to go
  • Acknowledge that America isn’t the center of the universe
  • Accepts challenge about scaling programs in countries where resources and infrastructure are limited
  • Reviews lots of creative solutions and ideas are essential part of the responsibility
  • Initiative in drawing their own box by creating their own perspectives
  • Demonstrable work ethic, goal-oriented, and validatable past history of academic success
  • Demonstrable computer literacy; proficiency of the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Evidence of the minimum 3.0 grade point average
  • Successful candidate will be matched with an opening at the office location closest to residence, possible relocation may apply

About the Company:

ABC Corporation is a global leader in acquiring and collecting nonperforming loans, returns capital to institutions; help expand financial services for consumers internationally. The organization collaborate with customers to help them resolve their debt and provide a broad range of additional revenue and recovery services to business and government clients.

ABC Corporation has been recognized as one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in the last five years. Operates in three continents with 60 offices worldwide. Opportunities for international internships are also available on a case by case basis, depending on the need. 450 employees enjoy the environment that ABC Corporation provides for their growth, development and professional fulfillment. When you submit your intent to work for ABC Corporation, you have demonstrated your personal ambition to be with great organization that appreciates people and their competency.

We look forward to welcoming you at our door and discuss the opportunities of working hand-in-hand with a common purpose toward the objectives of our organization.

How to Apply:

For consideration to the onsite interview on February 11, 2016, please submit your Resume to: info@relonavigator.com A confirmation will be sent to those who will apply.

Disclosure: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of age, race, color, sex, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, citizenship, or any other classes recognized by state or local law or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. We are a drug free workplace.

_2015 dialogue_semantics

Position #2: Coordinator, International Businesses Liaison

Code: RNV-160205wwu

Employment Status: FT Employee

Location: USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom

Functional Area: Sales, Administration

Position Description:

This position will support the Global Sales and Marketing Partnerships regional leads in the research, prospecting, outreach, and proposal development of new partner opportunities. This position will serve as a critical support function to the international team performing coordination and liaising.

Required Competency:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Very strong proficiency in Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of marketing and branding in order to develop customized and impactful proposals and secure new partnerships that meet the pre-determined marketing needs of the partner
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in social media
  • Capable of identifying prospective corporate partners
  • Develop and write thoughtful, customized corporate presentations and partnership proposals
  • Experienced in working with international/global markets preferred
  • Demonstrated track-record in closing new business partnerships
  • Experience in sales, business development and marketing will be useful
  • Strong ethics and trainable new graduate can be considered (new grad competency will be assessed)

Required Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, International or related discipline

Major Responsibilities:

  • Identify sales prospects and key company contacts for Marketing / Promotional Partnerships across regions
  • Support the key regional leads in developing an active pipeline of prospects across key categories
  • Conduct research on business categories and companies to identify prospective new partners
  • Outreach to key categories / companies (e.g., outreach conference calls and meetings with new prospective clients etc.)
  • Aggressively pursue prospects through initial contact strategy, development and delivery of sales and marketing presentations, negotiation and contract execution
  • Establish and build relationships with key regional staff to provide support and consulting in their new business efforts
  • Prepare ‘Draft’ of deal memos, status reports, tracking of sales prospects
  • Updates senior management on progress about sales and marketing strategy including results
  • Coordinate with appropriate internal resources to develop customized programs and platforms for prospects (e.g., Media, Management, PR, Events, and Marketing Solutions)


The NGlow Inc is a global media business built around partnerships, efficiency and results. It has an established international presence with offices in 13 markets worldwide. The NGlow Inc. is the No. 1 professional media business, active in social media with more than 730 million likes and followers globally across platforms. Through partner charities, NGlow Inc have donated more than $242 million to support the poor, completed more than 3 million hours of hands-on community service, and created more than 915 places where kids and families can live, learn, or play.

The company employs 500 full time employees and over two hundred temporary employees that include paid interns. We value our corporate citizens; their competency help our organization drive the best results every day. We demonstrate our appreciation to their dedication through integration of their family values, enhance advancements and professional growth.

Your interest to become a part of our citizenry will validate how we can grow together and working hand-in-hand to achieve the best of us in a long term basis. We will be glad to discuss the details of our working relationship with you when you have accepted our environment, vision and philosophy as an organization. Welcome.

How to Apply:

For consideration to the onsite interview on February 11, 2016, please submit your Resume to: info@relonavigator.com A confirmation will be sent to those who will apply.

Disclosure: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of age, race, color, sex, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, citizenship, or any other classes recognized by state or local law or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. We are a drug free workplace.

Notes: Please note that both positions above are meant for students’ workshop purposes only and not meant for employment recruitment outside of WWU. We provide coaching and workshops and do not recruit for any type of positions. Thank you.

Make sure you have all the information and you are ready for discussion and negotiation when you go to an interview. It is a one time opportunity in the presence of an employer’s representative. Please click on the image below to review some highlights.

Experiencing issues that are hard to solve due to inadequate competency? We like to hear from you; ReloNavigator’s International Leadership and Competency Development will help you acquire the needed competency. 

@2016 2016CompetencyGlobal

For social media conversations tweet us: @IdeasN @ReloNavigator @IntlBusinesses or @JNTCArticles; or click on the following  link to learn more about our ReloNavigator’s professional competency; and for additional information please call +1 (360) 312-4300 or send your inquiries via email to: info@relonavigator.com

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There is a Catch: Getting Hired is a Process of Negotiation with Results

By IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

“In today’s economic challenges, many struggle to get through the key hole of getting hired. Millennials face the same challenges as many have started moving from school to the workforce.

@2016 2016GettingHired

The actual challenge is how to get across with your interviewer so that he/she will get excited in offering you that employment opportunity. The image below provides meaningful tips that one can use when negotiating of an employment. An interview process is a negotiation activity between two parties involved such as the prospective employee and the prospective employer.

Here is the catch; prior to an interview, a well written resume is essential. Resume is a reflection of oneself, a document that will create an impression to the candidate-sourcer, whether or not such resume owner will fit to the opened employment opportunity. Our experienced international business leaders always suggested that request a trustworthy experienced professional to evaluate your resume before sending to a prospective employer. The feedback can help you land a job. There is only one chance to get in front of the resume-reviewer within the vicinity or before the representative of an employer.

#11essentialsofresume #elevenessentialsofresume #resumewithcompetency #resumewithpersonality

@2016 2016CompetentResume

If you don’t trust yourself in writing your own resume, locate an experienced professional who is not a ‘cookie cutter’ of resume writing. When you engage with a ‘cookie cutter’ your resume will get into piles of ‘for later review’. Invest for  a non-cookie cutter resume writer; someone who will take extra effort in understanding who you are; then create the package of your competency including your personality. A customized documentation of oneself create an impact to a prospective employer – the representative who will read it would like to invite you for an interview in person. That is the main objective of a great Resume.

Experiencing issues that are hard to solve due to inadequate competency? We like to hear from you; ReloNavigator’s International Leadership and Competency Development will help you acquire the needed competency. 

@2016 2016CompetencyGlobal

For social media conversations tweet us: @IdeasN @ReloNavigator @IntlBusinesses or @JNTCArticles; or click on the following  link to learn more about our ReloNavigator’s professional competency; and for additional information please call +1 (360) 312-4300 or send your inquiries via email to: info@relonavigator.com

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Applauding You As One Of Our Best – Thank You!

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

_2015 ThankYou Applauding_IdeasN

For social media conversations tweet us: @IdeasN or @IntlBusinesses  or @ReloNavigator or click on the link to learn more about our ReloNavigator’s professional services, and for additional information please call +1 (360) 312-4300; or send us an email at info@relonavigator.com

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Experience the ROI-driven Techniques for Your Advancement

2014 Results Cannot Be Ignored To Gain Success Regardless of Organizational Size and Location

When organizations invest on their people, there is no second guessing of their success and return on investment. Particularly, when organizations utilize the services of ReloNavigator. They have the expertise that others don’t.


In the weeks to come, many multinational organizations are scrambling in finalizing  the implementation of their strategic initiatives. The year of 2014 has begun and we are in a full swing in accelerating business activities and the goal is to obtain the highest level of return on investments at the end of the first quarter and throughout the year.

ReloNavigator has put in placed its team ahead of time. We are ready to provide our expertise that will  bolster  your professional, personal or business goals be achieved with quality notwithstanding an ROI.  2014 is the year for continued growth and advancement. Please watch for announcements in the months to come about opportunities of business, professional and personal development. Subscribe or follow up in order not to miss them.

2014 results transform business success

2014 ROI & Results Impact Sustainability

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Why Working Internationally Changes Your Perspectives About Work Forever

Great and Experienced Mentors open the minds of ready-to-learn and ambitious students. Hopefully, the attendees will continue to develop strategic mindset, and creativity to integrate the concepts and experiences that will be shared by Mr. Terrenal. Very few professionals can demonstrate his international business acumen. More Power.

Understanding US Investor’s Visa To Achieve Results

Anyone who will attend this will go home with a better perspectives and can make better decisions.

Live Conversations with the Fab Host & Singer Garrett Miller of Rated G Radio

Great conversations that explained what employees and employers will benefit from ReloNavigator’s services. The Host of course was great in meeting his objectives.

Community Immersion / Pre-decision Tour Impacts Results of Effective Relocation and Costs

My experiences taught me that this type of activity is very essential to validate how I felt at my next home town. Absolutely a great service for those who like to become familiar with the quality of life that they will have in the future.

Your employer will pay for this service especially when they like you to become successful at your new home assignment. There is nothing more important to high performing employer than your success in job responsibilities, cultural adjustment and ROI of their investment to your expatriate status.

Pre-decision tour and community immersion works well when you are one of those successful expats or families that will enjoy the experience and amenities of the new home environment.

Problem Solver to the many Puzzles pertaining to your immigration, relocation, home search and destination support

It is always a great feeling when you have someone you can trust.  That someone can facilitate  the solutions of all confusing issues that will relate to relocation, immigration and particularly when you are starting a new life in a new country. Oftentimes, you feel as if you are in solitude when no one can point you to specific cultural needs that will make you feel comfortable.

This support from ReloNavigator is an essential piece including other services they provide. I will call ReloNavigator when I will relocate again to another city or country.

“No travel or driving needed”, Increase Your Competency Regardless of your Location

Active Lessons are available remotely, You don’t need to travel to learn something!
Remote Learning for your Convenience:

There are  classes available for anyone who likes to learn remotely. We have designed classes that can be done via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. All that you will need is your active account in either of the two platforms. Register with us and then you are ready to begin your learning in English Conversations for Business or Personal Use or increase your communication skills and competency that will make your organizational management become effective (see photo above).

Acknowledgment: Skype, Yahoo & IdeasN

It’s Daylight Saving Time and Spring Time in California and Other States of USA

Spring Season Enjoy JPG


Use of the natural environment wisely, is an initiative that was adopted in the United States since 1986. This is normally taking place every second Sunday of March, where majority of Americans will synchronize their clocks to turn forward for an hour, and then you will start hearing them saying ‘DST’.   During this period, we are able to save energy while there is still sunlight and the day is longer. There are few US States/territory that do not observe DST (Daylight Saving Time);  such as Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

Spring Time is also in the corner, so everyone gets invigorated with outdoor activities that cannot be done during the previous season. In your neighborhood, you can also see many activities that are taking place. New faces, new things, and events. So take advantage as well with the new season, to learn something different from people you meet in any location or perhaps get a job. Remember, to bring your pocket booklet for writing new information that you never know before. This will remind you later about the new learning.

There are many things to do during Spring Season. Do you have any activities planned so far? We like to hear of your experiences and we will be delighted to share you ours as we move forward to the Season.  Keep going and don’t forget be safe as well.

If you plan to take some learning activities, and have not decided which ones; then we can suggest some lessons for you. Check our website and choose the lessons that you like to add into your proficiency or competency. We look forward to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. You can contact us directly too at: +1 (650) 241-3207 and discuss how can we help you to solve your difficulties.


Learning, Listening, Sharing and Appreciating are Useful Parts of Conversations

Would it matter when you express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas about something that you have seen, read, touched, felt, or experienced?  When you are living in the moment of truth, it would be a great opportunity to share your emotional reactions. Emotions are the very basics of human beings. We feel something that is great or  something that is bad. Our ability to communicate will further help us validate those real reactions towards something or somebody that we feel a useful source of informative learning.

At IdeasN_Articles, we read all your comments, insights, reactions and appreciation about our article contents. We are loving the moments when we hear about your learning experiences. How great the article was, and how impactful they were to your current situations.  Your unselfish sharing of your experiences provide us more courage to give you more learning opportunities.  We try our very best to respond to all of them. Some comments however, were deleted because they do not relate to the purpose of our learning mission.

We like to give you our sincerest gratitude about your continuous patronage of our site, we enjoy your company.

Thank You -Comments JPG

In addition to what we share directly in our articles, we encourage you to visit the link of Our classes that can be found at http://ideasnconversations.blogspot.com/2013/01/2013-new-year-with-new-opportunities.html somehow anyone who may be interested to continue learning can take any of these classes.

Limitation Is Impossible when Communicating in English Well

This is the overview of what you can become and you will experience life without limitations!


First Step: Learn from the basics, and then bring yourself to speed up to maximum level. Like the illustrated ladder of learning for someone who likes to become Communicative Competent.

Learn English JPG

Second Step: Distinguish yourself with the learning of proper and correct vocabulary. Use them efficiently at any location, event, or when you are sharing information with someone regardless of his/her background.

vocabulary development JPG

Third Step: Take time to practice with other people. There are many venues of learning and practicing.  The following is an example of the venue for practice. Some are free and some are paid. You get the value of what you pay for and the experience when it is given free.

Skype conversations_GenTopics JPG

Fourth Step: Understand the implications and sociological meanings of words, phrases, idiomatic expressions, slangs or the so called ‘lingua-franca’ By knowing when and where to say properly will create an impression of credibility among the people you share your ideas.

culture - eye contact JPG

Fifth Step: When unsure, find someone who is experienced to help you. There is no better Coach than someone who is experienced in many areas of concern. Thousands of information is available in the internet, but when you cannot tell the difference of what is correct and which one is wrong, then the best advice is to seek the guidance of a Coach or a Teacher.  Either will tell you which is the best.

2013 Coaching Conversational Fluency PNG

Sixth Step: When you begin grasping greater responsibilities, there is an expectation that you will demonstrate competence in leadership and management of an organization that is consist of people, activities, situations, revenues, communication and external factors. Being a communicator, you need the competency as illustrated in the following image. If you don’t have one, hire a Coach who will help you obtain those critical knowledge.

business english_adv level JPG

Seventh Step:  What is your readiness to make a difference?  Exceptional? or just a so so employee?  or just be a Yes, Sir!  You need to be able to answer eloquently those challenging interview questions when you are facing a panel of people. You need to sell your capabilities in order to gain growth and advancement.

selling ideas during interviews_conversations JPG

Eight Step: Leading is not a joke. It requires strategic mindset to make the balance of the organizational fulcrum. When you aspire to be a good boss or great boss, you must learn unequivocal knowledge and expertise in the areas shown below. In that way, you are indeed someone to be respected within an organization.  If your aspiration is being a mediocre manager – don’t bother to learn these.

Leadership HPO JPG

Ninth Step: Demonstrative communicative competency is a must when you aspire to be standing before an audience.  If you don’t know how? Hire a Coach to teach you the proper techniques and mechanics of doing professionally. Don’t be misled with many online information. Delivery of information like the ones shown below is imperative.

presenting ideas & information JPG

Tenth Step: There is nothing more eloquent to listen, attend someone’s talks than an individual who can illustrate these three important characteristics of a Communicator. Your opportunity is limitless when you have these competency, confidence and ability to articulate. Please note this is not a skill – what is required is a competency. The combination of knowledge, techniques, linguistic proficiency, cultural depth, and business acumen.

English Competency Results JPG

The 64 dollar question is, “Have you gone through all the 10 steps? If not, which one do you need to accomplish?  Can you call yourself  ‘Competent’ and can demonstrate the step 10?”  Ideas N Conversations will be glad to help you with your difficulties.

We like to hear from you. As always every comment that you share will be appreciated.

selling ideas during interviews_conversations JPGIf you are selling your services, your creativity and smart critical thinking to address the needs of your prospective client is equally important.



When you have difficulties with persuasive conversations, you have a problem in getting across what you like or want to accomplish. 
During conversations, regardless of settings and situations – we are selling our ideas. When you are looking for jobs or convincing prospective clients, you are selling yourself, your abilities and capabilities during a discussion, or an interview. The words that you will use will transform your image and credibility.
selling ideas during interviews_conversations JPG
As candidate for specific position, you must know your abilities. Be confident in sharing your technical skills and professional competencies to the employer’s business. When given that chance and moment, you will take advantage of the situation and discuss the problems and challenges they were facing but not to inquire about jobs, and show them your enthusiasm to bring in additional revenue through your effectiveness. This scenario will turn into your favor as a candidate. In addition, knowing what is outside…

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What makes you feel better during conversation?

When engaged in conversations, there are times that we feel lost of ideas, or we don’t know to make it lively.  Sometimes, we feel nervous about the person we are speaking with because of your impression about them. Or you feel uncomfortable because of the situation you are in.

There are reasons whey there is a feeling of uncertainty during conversations.  And only yourself knows these reasons. Until you will embrace the action of unlocking your potentials of becoming competent, being articulate and illustrate confidence. Then  you will not change your ways and you will never become better.

The following tips help you to develop that ability of  someone who is Articulate.

Five tips in creating competence,  confidence and being articulate; when you are sharing information with another individual or among friends and colleagues.

1. having a broad knowledge about numerous or specific topics when sharing your ideas

2. having the  expressive ability to demonstrate your emotions and feelings with professionalism

3. having the proficiency in speaking English well by using correct expressions and words

4. having adequate vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions that will create wittiness and intellectualization of your conversations

5. having the ability to incorporate sensitivity to cultural influencers of people you are speaking with

English Competency Results JPG

Do you have issues or problems in demonstrating confidence? Share with us and perhaps we can define ways to help you develop your confidence, become competent and articulate.

As always your comments will be appreciated.

IdeasN SGSkype Conversations – Interact with us and learn something

Skype conversations_GenTopics JPG

We like to engage in conversations with you and learn from each other. Join us in our regular sessions with various topics to discuss.  If you have specific topic that you would like to discuss, please let us know. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your interests so we can keep the conversations going and lively.
How to participate?
Register via Skype ID: ideasnconversations Code: SGSkype or send an email with the Code SGSkype at the subject line or send a topic for discussion
Our goal in every session is learning new insights, information from others, ideas that will make each others become better.
This is open to all, you don’t need to speak English well in order to participate. We facilitate the practice of English Speaking Conversationally and make it a great experience.
For additional information, please call +1 (650) 241-3207. Your comments will be appreciated always.