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You’ve Got The #Competency When You Know How To Lead People Effectively With Confidence #RealLeader

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No Tells a Story of Confidence

By: IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Can you say, No! or No.

However you say it, there are big differences. Appropriateness of saying no is determined by the cause of action.

@2016 2016CompetenceNO

Experiencing issues that are hard to solve due to inadequate competency? We like to hear from you; ReloNavigator’s International Leadership and Competency Development will help you acquire the needed competency. 

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Limitation Is Impossible when Communicating in English Well

This is the overview of what you can become and you will experience life without limitations!


First Step: Learn from the basics, and then bring yourself to speed up to maximum level. Like the illustrated ladder of learning for someone who likes to become Communicative Competent.

Learn English JPG

Second Step: Distinguish yourself with the learning of proper and correct vocabulary. Use them efficiently at any location, event, or when you are sharing information with someone regardless of his/her background.

vocabulary development JPG

Third Step: Take time to practice with other people. There are many venues of learning and practicing.  The following is an example of the venue for practice. Some are free and some are paid. You get the value of what you pay for and the experience when it is given free.

Skype conversations_GenTopics JPG

Fourth Step: Understand the implications and sociological meanings of words, phrases, idiomatic expressions, slangs or the so called ‘lingua-franca’ By knowing when and where to say properly will create an impression of credibility among the people you share your ideas.

culture - eye contact JPG

Fifth Step: When unsure, find someone who is experienced to help you. There is no better Coach than someone who is experienced in many areas of concern. Thousands of information is available in the internet, but when you cannot tell the difference of what is correct and which one is wrong, then the best advice is to seek the guidance of a Coach or a Teacher.  Either will tell you which is the best.

2013 Coaching Conversational Fluency PNG

Sixth Step: When you begin grasping greater responsibilities, there is an expectation that you will demonstrate competence in leadership and management of an organization that is consist of people, activities, situations, revenues, communication and external factors. Being a communicator, you need the competency as illustrated in the following image. If you don’t have one, hire a Coach who will help you obtain those critical knowledge.

business english_adv level JPG

Seventh Step:  What is your readiness to make a difference?  Exceptional? or just a so so employee?  or just be a Yes, Sir!  You need to be able to answer eloquently those challenging interview questions when you are facing a panel of people. You need to sell your capabilities in order to gain growth and advancement.

selling ideas during interviews_conversations JPG

Eight Step: Leading is not a joke. It requires strategic mindset to make the balance of the organizational fulcrum. When you aspire to be a good boss or great boss, you must learn unequivocal knowledge and expertise in the areas shown below. In that way, you are indeed someone to be respected within an organization.  If your aspiration is being a mediocre manager – don’t bother to learn these.

Leadership HPO JPG

Ninth Step: Demonstrative communicative competency is a must when you aspire to be standing before an audience.  If you don’t know how? Hire a Coach to teach you the proper techniques and mechanics of doing professionally. Don’t be misled with many online information. Delivery of information like the ones shown below is imperative.

presenting ideas & information JPG

Tenth Step: There is nothing more eloquent to listen, attend someone’s talks than an individual who can illustrate these three important characteristics of a Communicator. Your opportunity is limitless when you have these competency, confidence and ability to articulate. Please note this is not a skill – what is required is a competency. The combination of knowledge, techniques, linguistic proficiency, cultural depth, and business acumen.

English Competency Results JPG

The 64 dollar question is, “Have you gone through all the 10 steps? If not, which one do you need to accomplish?  Can you call yourself  ‘Competent’ and can demonstrate the step 10?”  Ideas N Conversations will be glad to help you with your difficulties.

We like to hear from you. As always every comment that you share will be appreciated.

What makes you feel better during conversation?

When engaged in conversations, there are times that we feel lost of ideas, or we don’t know to make it lively.  Sometimes, we feel nervous about the person we are speaking with because of your impression about them. Or you feel uncomfortable because of the situation you are in.

There are reasons whey there is a feeling of uncertainty during conversations.  And only yourself knows these reasons. Until you will embrace the action of unlocking your potentials of becoming competent, being articulate and illustrate confidence. Then  you will not change your ways and you will never become better.

The following tips help you to develop that ability of  someone who is Articulate.

Five tips in creating competence,  confidence and being articulate; when you are sharing information with another individual or among friends and colleagues.

1. having a broad knowledge about numerous or specific topics when sharing your ideas

2. having the  expressive ability to demonstrate your emotions and feelings with professionalism

3. having the proficiency in speaking English well by using correct expressions and words

4. having adequate vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions that will create wittiness and intellectualization of your conversations

5. having the ability to incorporate sensitivity to cultural influencers of people you are speaking with

English Competency Results JPG

Do you have issues or problems in demonstrating confidence? Share with us and perhaps we can define ways to help you develop your confidence, become competent and articulate.

As always your comments will be appreciated.