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#JeremyCorbyn the Man With Vision and Integrity That Will Support UK Citizens

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#Orlando is #Mourning; I am mourning with the #LGBTQs and their Families

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

We are left mourning for love ones, friends, neighbors and unfamiliar names who were victims of the horrific terror and hatred that attacked the #LGBTQs members who were enjoying an evening in #Orlando’s #Pulse Club.

@_2016 2016HateIsNotLGBT_MourningOrlando

That massacre of innocent #LGBTQ lives, each one of the victims had full of dreams, personal and professional ideals longing of sharing these with their love ones, families and friends; however those have been curtailed by an evil act of a ‘hater’; and their loved ones were left puzzled and grieving with their loss. It was unfair.

Massacres of both children and adult Americans have become a familiar event across the United States. The LGBTQ communities have been a constant subject of prejudice, discriminatory practices, insulting viewpoints and disregards. When will these actions end is now a constant question among people like us who advocate peace, love and reject inequalities. As Americans, we need to unite as human beings and show respect, kindness and love for each other instead of allowing prejudices and divisions.

It’s been puzzling to understand the main intent of such a horrific killing of 49 young LGBTQ lives at the #Pulse in #Orlando. In the succeeding ten hours after the massacre, the stories of friends, families and co-workers about those who were killed were heart breaking to accept, now they are gone. I did not know any of them but i felt those sorrows of losing like their friends and families are experiencing. Thanks to Anderson Cooper for sharing an emotional tribute about their lives. Only those memories will linger at each other’s hearts in the years to come. Everyone did not deserve such intense grief and bereavement.

The souls of each victim will be blessed and the goodness of their individual selves will be remembered forever. Their lost lives will be added into the “LGBTQ Memorials” because they sacrificed their young lives in defeating inequalities and hate towards the #LGBTQ communities around the world. #LoveWins will defeat those who will continue to wage hate and discrimination towards humanity.

We will remain hopeful for better peace with love and respect to everyone.

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@_2016 2016HateIsNotLGBT